VERSA 10 Gene: Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

The VERSA® 10 Gene workstation is a compact and cost-effective automated liquid handling workstation designed to support various genomic workflows. The 4 or 8-channel pipetting head streamlines protocols while the single channel functionality offers the flexibility to perform complex liquid handling tasks.

The VERSA 10 Gene, like all of Aurora’s liquid handlers, is an open system that permits the use of most 3rd party kits and numerous types of labware. Its high reproducibility, accuracy, and throughput help conserve reagents and eliminate pipetting errors while increasing the productivity of your laboratory.


  • Compact, versatile, and economical – A liquid handling workstation with a small lab footprint
  • Plate mover – For moving plates or tube racks to different deck positions
  • UV HEPA filtered enclosure – Ensures no free floating DNA, helps eliminate cross contamination
  • Air displacement pipette technology – Ensures highly accurate liquid dispensing
  • Temperature regulation modules – For precise temperature control of reagents and samples
  • Open system – Compatible with diverse reagents, kits and labware


Genomics Workflows:

  • DNA/RNA Purification
  • Single and Mutliplex Real-Time PCR Setup
  • Enzymatic Reaction Setup
  • Sequencing Reaction Setup

General Liquid Handling:

  • Sample Normalization
  • Plate Replication and Reformatting
  • Serial and Parallel Dilution
  • Cherry Picking and Sample Pooling

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