Dissolved Oxygen Meter

MARK® 409 Is a dual-channel meter for continuous measurements of low-level (ppb)
dissolved oxygen concentration and temperature of water and aqueous solutions.

2 channels
Programmable ranges of measurements for each channel.
Independent measurements in two points.
Convenience and accuracy of measurement, minimum maintenance
Automatic temperature and barometric pressure compensation.
Automatic one-point calibration in air.
Long-lived sensor
Lifetime of the oxygen sensor is min. 10 years.
Possibility of placing the converting unit on the remote distance from the point of control
Sensor cable length up to 100 m.
Communication with external devices
2 galvanic isolated current outputs 0–5/4–20/0–20mA.
RS 485 galvanic isolated port.
Programmable setpoints for each channel.
Durable aluminum case IP65
Instrument is protected from dust and moisture.
Graphic LCD display with backlight
Easy input of all parameters by keypad.

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