Organic Elemental Analyzers (OEA)

Hunan Sundy Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd was established in 1993. Sundy is the most well-known professional manufacturer of Coal Analytical Instruments.  This Company is dedicated to provide products, service and solutions for customers in respect of coal firing fields, such as electrical power, coal industry…
For Organic Chemists, Elemental Analysis or “EA” almost always refers to CHNSX analysis—the determination of the mass fractions  of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and heteroatoms (X) (halogens, sulfur) of a sample.  This information is important to help determine the structure of an unknown compound, as well as to help ascertain the structure and purity of a synthesized compound.
There are four product series manufactured by Sundy:

Calorimeters Series

Applicable to measure the calorific value of Coal, Coke, Petroleum, Cement Black Meal and other combustibles

Proximate Analyses

Applicable for Automatic Measurement of the Moisture ash and volatile matter of coal and coke and calculate the fix carbon and heat productivity

Elemental Analysers

Applicable for determination of the Carbon and Hydrogen Content in the Coal

Ash Fusion tester

Applicable for measurement fusibility of coal ash…


  • Hardware integration
  • True and reliable testing data
  • Unique automatic chain sampling device can automatically finish sending, getting and discharging samples
  • During the test, the subsequent samples can be added on or cut in line for testing
  • Unique function of gas circuit leak hunting. Self-diagnostic function ensures the availability of every day test
  • Test Results are fast, accurate and steady and will not be affected by the fluctuation of the ambient temperature
  • Batch testing, no more waiting and the most  effective proximate analyzer
  • Automatically changing crucibles, high automation
  • Easy to Operate

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