Fluorescence Spectrometer

Fluorescence Spectroscopy is a type of Electromagnetic Spectroscopy  which analyzes fluorescence  from a sample.  It involves using a beam of light, usually ultraviolet light , that excites the electrons in molecules  of certain compounds and causes them to emit light of a lower energy, typically, but not necessarily, visible light .  A complementary technique is Absorption Spectroscopy .


  • High-Resolution monochromators deliver a Narrow, 0.5nm Spectral Bandwidth for high resolution measurements
  • Variable Spectral Bandwidth offers the resolution you need for the compound you are analyzing
  • 150 W Xenon Lamp provides extremely Stable Illumination throughout the full wavelength range
  • Customizable Filters ensure the Highest Spectral Purity by blocking excitation and scattered light
  • Sensitive Detector provides extended measurement range for the analysis of near-IR dyes, chlorophyll, or phthalocyanine compounds
  • Fast Scanning Drive acquires data at speeds up to 6,000nm/min
  • Horizontal Beam Geometry provides Optimum Excitation to deliver the most fluorescence signal
  • Large Sample Compartment easily accommodates accessories for temperature control, multi-cell holders, rapid mixing, solid sampling and polarization accessories

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