On-Line & Portable Models

MARK® 9010
Measuring of hydrogen ions activity (pH, pH 25) of high purity water
(including water with adjusted conductivity 0.055 mkSm/sm) and alkaline water,
containing ammonia and amines.
Chemical water treatment monitoring at power industry objects.
New patented way of measuring, which does not require calibration.
Absence of elements degrading in «high purity» water.
The sole protecting case, uniting the secondary converter and hydraulic part.
Graphical touch screen 5.7’’, 262000 colours, 640*480 pixels screen resolution.
Built-in computer on the basis of Cirrus Logic EP 93xx, Windows CE.
Intelligent algorithms of data operation.
Communication with external devices
2 galvanic isolated current outputs 0–5/4–20/0–20mA.
RS 485 galvanic isolated port.
Communication protocol MODBUS RTU.


MARK® 302 E
Is a portable meter for measuring dissolved oxygen concentration,
DO saturation and temperature of water and aqueous solutions.
Convenience and accuracy of measurement, minimum maintenance
Automatic barometric pressure compensation.
Automatic temperature compensation.
Automatic one-point calibration in air.
3 measuring modes
DO concentration, ppm
Saturation, %.
Temperature, °С.
Long-lived sensor
Lifetime of the oxygen sensor is min. 10 years.
High-contrast LCD display
Low power consumption
Battery lifespan up to 2000 hours of work.

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