Multi Parameter Sonde

These systems used for surface water and groundwater applications.  Both easily fit into 2-inch wells and measure a range of fundamental parameters, including:

– Temperature – Conductivity
– Specific Conductance – Salinity
– Resistivity – TDS
– pH – ORP
– Depth or Level – Rapid Pulse™ DO (% and mg/L)

It will log all parameters at programmable intervals and store 150,000 readings. At one-hour intervals, the instrument will log data for about  75 days utilizing its own power source. This system can also be utilized in the same manner with user-supplied external power.


  • Horizontal measurements in very shallow waters
  • Field-replaceable sensors
  • Easily connects to data collection platforms
  • Available with detachable cables to measure depth up to 200 feet
  • Compatible with Data Display System
  • Measure multiple parameters simultaneously plus two of the following optical sensors:

    – ROX Optical DO NEW – Turbidity
    – Chlorophyll – Blue-Green Algae NEW
    – Phycocyanin or Phycoerythrin – Rhoda mine
  • Self-cleaning optical sensors with improved wiping
  • Field-replaceable sensors

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