Clamp On Flow Meter

A Flow Meter using Clamp-On Transducer makes measuring discharge non-intrusive and easy from the outside of the pipe.  The Transducers are installed with little technical effort and without process interruption on the pipeline.
Rotationally symmetric flow profiles can be determined with a single acoustic path, non symmetric profiles require the use of several acoustic path.
Principle of Measurement
It follows that an acoustic pulse set upstream travels at a lower absolute speed than an acoustic pulse send downstream.  By measuring the times of traverse of pulses sent in the two directions, the average axial velocity of
the fluid crossing the path of the pulses is determined. The arrangement of acoustic paths is dependent on the flow profile, the pipe diameter and the measuring principle. A differentiation is made between single-path and multi-path arrangements.  Arrangement of the single path or multi paths is theoretically possible in the entire range of the angle of inclination 0° <Φ< 90°.
−  1 plane (single or crossed)
−  2 planes (single or crossed)
−  4 planes (single or crossed)


  • Acoustic Paths: 1 – 8
  • Accuracy: ± 0,5% with 8 paths
  • Range: ± 20 m/s
  • Pipe Diameter: 0,3 – 10 m
  • Pipe Wall Thickness: Max. 100 mm (Steel)
  • Display: 4 lines, 20 characters
  • Data Logger: Internal, Sampling Interval
  • Communication: RS-232, MODBUS, Ethernet, USB
  • Inputs: Max. 8 x 4-20 Ma
  • Outputs: Max. 4 x 4-20 mA
  • 2 x Relay, 2 x Pulse Power
  • Supply: 85-264 VAC (50-60 Hz)or 12 VDC

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