Sodium Concentration Analyzer

MARK® 1002 Is a dual-channel analyzer for continuous measuring of sodium concentration
as CNa (or PNa) and temperature for high purity water environments.
2 channels
Programmable ranges of measurements for each channel.
Independent measurements in two points.
Convenience and accuracy of measurement, minimum maintenance
Measuring range from 0,01 CNa. Measurement accuracy 6%.
Long inter-calibration period (up to 6 months).
Dual automatic temperature compensation.
Automatic batching device of the alkalizing reagent.
Absence of KCL flask.
1 solution calibration
If necessary, 3-point-calibration is possible.
«Active» sensor unit
Sensor cable length up to 100 m.
Communication with external devices
2 galvanic isolated current outputs 0–5/4–20/0–20mA.
RS 485 galvanic isolated port.
Programmable setpoints for each channel.

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