Multi Parameter Handheld Instrument

Handheld Multi Parameter measures Conductivity & Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen,  pH, ORP, Ammonium, Nitrate or Chloride.   All sensors are rugged and designed for true field work to reduce the overall cost of ownership.


  • Holds four user replaceable sensors for temperature/conductivity, dissolved oxygen
  • A choice of any two ISE’s among pH, ORP, Ammonium, Nitrate or Chloride
  • Rugged and Waterproof Military Spec (MS) connectors
  • Choose either polarographic or galvanic DO sensors.
  • Weighted Guard ensures Correct Depth while protecting the sensors
  • GLP assisting, Records Calibration Data in Memory
  • Field-Replaceable Electrodes
  • Compatible with Windows® data analysis software
  • IP-67, impact-resistant, waterproof case
  • RS-232 interface for PC connection

About PNF

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