Sample Preparation

Biotage offers solutions, knowledge and experience in the areas of analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, separation and purification.
Biotage® manufactures a broad range of products to ensure options based on the degree of cleanliness required and the cost effectiveness demanded by the analysis.

  • Sample Preparation

Solid Phase Extraction, Supported Liquid Extraction and Protein Precipitation techniques are uniquely supported by consumables, automation and accessories. Below are the applications of this products range:
Clinical, Toxicology & Forensic
Organophosphate Pesticides Metabolites from Urine
Vitamin D Metabolites from Plasma
EtG from Urine with RapidTrace+
Comparison of Plasma and Whole Blood Extraction Barbiturates from urine GC/MS
Methylmalonic Acid and Succininc Acid in serum
Basic Drugs from Plasma Using Mixed Mode SPE
Food Safety
Pesticides by AN method
Pesticides by EN Method
Nitrosamines with MIPS

  • Peptide Synthesizes & Purification

This range of instrument platforms utilizes microwave and parallel robotic technologies incorporating solid phase and solution phase chemistries. The Syro family of instruments are fully automated and easily programmed for the unattended synthesis of multiple peptide sequences, while minimizing the amount of reagent used for each cycle. The SAP and SAM synthesizers are semi-automated systems that are easily programmed for the Synthesis of single or multiple peptides.
Initiator+ Alstra
Microwave irradiation is still the most effective solution for providing a fast, precise and efficient heating method for synthesizing peptides, peptoids, PNA and peptidomimetics with higher purity and yield compared to conventional synthesis methods. The Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra is a fully automated microwave peptide synthesizer with built in flexibility for both small and large scale synthesis.
Initiator+ SP Wave
The Biotage® Initiator+ SP Wave is a programmable synthesis system that can be configured to perform either microwave assisted peptide or organic synthesis.
Initiator Peptide Workstation
The Biotage Initiator Peptide Workstation is an accessory to perform manual microwave peptide synthesis and cleavage utilizing the Biotage Initiator microwave synthesizer.
ChemMatrix is a patented, 100% PEG (polyethylene glycol) based resin developed by PCAS BioMatrix that offers substantial advantages over traditional PEG based polystyrene resins for solid phase peptide synthesis.
Resolux is available in 3 different surface chemistries, covering the range from hydrophobic peptides to hydrophilic. Resolux is engineered to deliver the selectivity and high resolution needed for the most demanding peptide purification.
Syro Wave
The Syro Wave is the only fully automated system which allows the user to run difficult peptide sequences in the microwave cavity, and also to use parallel synthesis capabilities to save time and increase throughput.
Syro I
The modular construction offers greatest flexibility for parallel synthesis while microliter precise operation guarantees optimum results and minimizes waste and costs.
Syro II
With its two robot arms the Syro II is designed for higher synthesis throughput and productivity.
SAM is equipped with digital syringe pumps for exact dispensing of the liquids and a vortex mixer for homogeneous mixing of all reactants.
SAP is equipped with digital syringe pumps for exact dispensing of liquids and a shaker for homogeneous mixing of all reactants.

  • Evaporation Solutions

The largest range of solvent evaporation systems designed for faster evaporation of volatile and high-boiling solvents and sample transfer minimization are offered by Biotage. Utilizing vortex shearing technology, rotation, controlled heating or vacuum technology, will automate your evaporation.
Biotage TurboVap blowdown evaporators use a patented vortex evaporation system that increases the speed of evaporation by a factor of 10 compared with other techniques. The combination of patented nitrogen gas vortex shearing technology and temperature is used to optimize sample drying. Nitrogen is recommended due to its inert nature which minimizes sample oxidation. Alternative, clean, oil free compressed air at 60 psi can be used if the sample is stable and nitrogen is not available.
Designed for high throughput laboratories, the SPE Dry 96 and SPE Dry 96 Dual Sample Concentrator Systems provide efficient solvent evaporation in microplate format and are compatible with 24-, 96- and 384-well collection plates.
V-10 Solvent Evaportion System
The Biotage V-10 solvent evaporation system rapidly dries samples dissolved in both aqueous and organic solvents up to 20x faster than traditional rotary or centrifugal evaporators, leaving solvent-free product in the vial. The high performance vacuum capability of the V-10 allows low temperature evaporation of high boiling solvents. Optimized evaporation methods protect the sample against bumping and overheating. Versatility and scalability eliminate handling and reformatting issues.

  • Microwave Synthesis

Microwave-assisted organic chemistry has during the last years moved from being an obscurity in the laboratory environment to be an invaluable tool within chemistry research. With the speed and simplicity of Biotage® microwave synthesizers, optimization has never been easier.
Biotage Initiator Microwave Synthesis Systems
The Initiator microwave synthesizer enables chemists to quickly synthesize compounds using microwave heating.  Through superior heating features, the Initiator is able to quickly achieve temperatures and pressures beyond traditional reflux heating.
Microwave Vials
Biotage microwave vials support microwave synthesis from mg to grams, without the need for re-optimization.
Biotage Pathfinder
Biotage Pathfinder is the world’s largest database of established methods for microwave synthesis.  Chemists worldwide have web based access to more than 5,200 diverse and new microwave methods.

  • Flash Purification & Work-up Tools

From synthesis to purification, Biotage delivers innovative solutions to streamline your work process, enabling you to reach your purification goals faster and easier.
Isolera™ Spektra has intelligent, time-saving features such as gradient optimization, λ-All peak detection and real-time photodiode array(PDA) scanning. Isolera Spektra enable chemists to purify more compounds in less time and reduce post-process purity analysis.
Isolera Spektra doubles chemists’ productivity while slashing purification costs 20% or more.
Isolera Dalton is a fully automated miniaturized mass directed flash purification system.  The Dalton mass detector and Isolera Spektra flash purification system are seamlessly integrated via the Isolera Dalton Nanolink unit, an intelligent sampling device which handles all fluids and synching calculations between the two units.  Isolera Dalton easily fits inside a standard fume hood, requires no external pumps and is capable of both normal and reverse-phase separations, so it is completely compatible with the diverse purification needs of the modern research laboratory.
IsoleraTM Prime
Isolera Prime is the new standard in value-priced flash purification systems delivering a full range of features and cost-saving benefits. This flexible system is upgradeable and grows with the needs of laboratories and universities where value is especially important. Isolera Prime is compatible with Biotage flash cartridges, including the new value-priced Biotage ZIP.
IsoleraTM Spektra One and Four
Isolera Spektra, a modern flash purification system with intelligent features, enables chemists to easily achieve better separations. The TLC-to-step feature automatically creates elution gradients and suggests cartridge and sample size. Collect fractions at all wavelengths, adjust the flow rate from 1 to 200 mL/min as needed and use up to four solvents in a single gradient, for maximum purity and yield.
IsoleraTM Spektra LS
Isolera Spektra LS development-scale flash purification system dramatically shortens large-scale purification run-times with flow rates of 50-500 mL/minute. Simply select or create a method, load your sample, and run – it’s that easy. New advanced features include: the ability to collect fractions on all wavelengths, use of up to four solvents in a single gradient and add a third isocratic co-solvent. A UV-VIS detector increases detection to 200-800nm.
IsoleraTM ELSD-1080
Isolera ELSD (evaporative light-scattering detector) is a universal detector designed for use with Isolera flash purification systems when purifying organic compounds that are undetectable UV or visible light. Flash chromatography with detection and fractionation is now possible when purifying carbohydrates, steroids, lipids, terpenes and other UV-transparent compounds.
Biotage FlashMaster Personal Plus
The Biotage FlashMaster Personal Plus is a simply easy-to-use, pump-driven, dual cartridge, manual flash purification system, With a flow rate range of 5–240 mL/min, purification can be done in a flash. Tis small footprint design uses minimal bench space and allows direct attachment of Biotage flash cartridges.
Flash 75 and 150
Designed for rapid, efficient gram-scale (1-320g) purifications. Their operation requires no electricity or computer control- just compressed air to push solvent through the cartridge and to exert radial compression on the cartridge. The patented radial compression technology reduces the chance of void and channel formation, resulting in a higher bed density. Compounds can be collected in narrower bands for higher purity and yield.

  • Process Tools

Biotage offers the broadest range of scalable solutions for your toughest throughput needs. Our expertise in the design of a system that will solve your specific situation allows a unique and easy migration from the lab to the production floor.
Biotage Advancer Kilobatch
Advancer Kilobatch is the only system for kilogram scale-up of all microwave reactions.
The Atlantis pressure scale-up workstation performs and optimizes gas/liq and gas/liq/solid, heterogeneous reactions with the unique ability to monitor live gas consumption.
Biotage Endeavor™
The Biotage Endeavor Catalyst Screening System is a parallel, multi-reactor synthesizer that is the fastest, most effective and simplest way to optimize pressurized reactions.
Biotage ExploraSep
Biotage ExploraSep screening plates support rapid method development and allow identification of selective molecular imprinted polymers MIPs for your impurity or target molecule.
Flash 400
Cost-effective production scale chromatography.
Flash 400 Cartridges
Designed for both chromatography purification and adsorption processing of a variety of organic synthetic and natural products.
Kiloprep Cartridges
Biotage Kiloprep cartridges are prepacked, pretested, and shipped with a certificate of compliance, so they are ready to use in high-resolution HPLC purifications.
Resin Development
Custom development of resins for customers who requiring extraordinary separations in various scales and application areas.

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