Pooya Negar Fanavar, the leading actor against Coronavirus in Iran!

When the whole world facing with Corona-Virus, in Iran, we, as one of the administrators of COVID-19 Emergency Response Project, by supervision of Ministry of Health and Medical Education and directorship of WHO, were taking precise, valuable and fast steps toward battle with the deadly virus.

From appearing the first signs of infections, the number of patients were growing inchmeal. Most of the public or private hospitals didn’t have empty beds for huge wave of patients, also the drug was hard to find. At the same time, due to the high rate of healthcare demands for hospitalization and medical therapy, Iran’s health and medical infrastructure were under the heavily pressure. The country did manage required medical specialists to fight against the virus much hardly.

In the between of this battle, the needs to certain tests and recognizing Corona virus, intensify feels from the side of health and treatment centers. And then, according to the on time and accurate planning with ministry of health and WHO, we could provide all required types of equipment, extraction kits and liquid handling machine at the right time and in sufficient quantity. In this situation, Pooya Negar Fanavar, which was a young, active and experienced company in providing and supporting laboratory equipment, by proving its abilities to the international organizations and getting attention of WHO, success to get more 90 percent of supporting the equipments in this project.

It was on this bases that ICERP (Iran COVID-19 Emergency Response Project) as a program against the spreading Covid-19 was started. Actually this was the first collaboration between Pooya Negar Fanavar and WHO, and the result of this collaboration remains forever. Through this project, technicians from several fields become active in all over the country and vast range of virologists getting involved to handle the project in best form. The most important outcome of this project was saving Iranian people from the threat of Corona Virus and providing required technical infrastructures in fighting this deadly virus. Approximately the project took three months. Then, the rate of infections in Iran moved to zero. Although after this project Iran involved over and over with Corona Virus peak, but it had received the essential infrastructures in fighting with the virus forever.

The joint project between WHO and Pooya Negar Fanavar, were totally successful. The main reason for these achievements related to the intelligence design from both sides in distribution of engineering technical infrastructure. According to this projects, only the public center should be equipped. The reason for this plan was rapid increasing of patient’s referral to the public centers. So in this project, 43 medical centers and public health organization were equipped by WHO and Pooya Nagar Fanavar. Also, in addition to the providing obligatory infrastructures, Pooya Negar Fanavar was responsible for all the after-sales services and the necessary services related to the equipment in fighting against Corona. Some parts of Pooya Negar Fanavar services are as following:

  • Delivery of equipment to centers across the country
  • After-sales service for two years after delivery
  • Installation and utilization of equipment in healthcare centers
  • Training local manpower to use the equipment properly

There were two types of equipment that Pooya Negar Fanavar in collaboration with WHO tried to distributed across the country:

  • Zybio nucleic acid extraction machine
  • Aurora system liquid handling machine

Using of first machines helped medical and treatment centers to extract Corona virus from other types of components, and then lead extracted virus to the other diagnostic processes. With the helping second machine, Corona virus could be integrated with other necessary fluid during the experiments. In fact, by second processes the scientists could discovery the Corona virus genome for producing anti-virus. Basically this was the reason that Iran succeed to making a vaccine. Truly our name tied with the Iran’s victory against Corona virus.

About PNF

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